Czech National Marrow Donors Registry (CNMDR)



Generally, from its beginning the main goal of the whole project has been to establish, maintain and improve the system of voluntary hematopoietic stem cells donation which makes it possible to perform transplantations from voluntary unrelated donors to patients with life-threatening diseases indicated for unrelated transplants.

To optimally fulfil this main goal the programme endeavours to continuously meet three partial goals:

Goal 1: Assist in implementing unrelated transplantations in the Czech Republic as an available life-saving treatment and provide suitable donors to as high number of patients as possible by keeping and extending the Registry with a sufficient number of quality and at least HLA-A, B and DR typed donors. At the same time, to develop a close cooperation with voluntary hematopoietic cells donor programmes in other countries.

Goal 2: Permanently develop procedures and standards optimum for the donor and the patient. These procedures shall guarantee safety, comfort, confidentiality and anonymity and an overall good feeling to every donor. CNMDR will always strive to update and make its own standards compliant with the AMDA standards.

Goal 3: To enable equal, direct and quick access to the donor database for all patients in need within the Czech Republic and abroad, whose need for hematopoietic stem cells transplantation is individually solved. Special attention shall be paid to the maximum elimination of financial barriers to which patients needing unrelated donor transplantation may be exposed.